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A quick reference guide with resources such as almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, quotations, statistics, conversion tables, consumer help and more, including resources in the BC3 Library and on the Internet, complied by the BC3 Librarians.

Using This Guide

Biographies - Find factual information about a person's life. 

Calculations and Conversions - Links for currency, measurement, and other types of converters and calculators. 

Dictionaries and Thesauri - Look up definitions, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations, translations and more for any word you need to know more about. 

Encyclopedias and Almanacs - Basic reference information on a wide variety of topics. 

Geography and Maps - Atlases, maps, and related information. 

Legal and Consumer Help - Recommended resources to help consumers understand products, safety information and legal resources. 

Quotations - Find quotes related to many different subjects. 

Statistics - Research crime, health, population, federal, and other statistics.

Miscellaneous - Contains calendar and time information, directories, and other interesting information. 

Reference & Instruction Librarian

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Jean Shumway
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