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Professional Ethics: Home

An informational guide to help you understand ethics and how they relate to various professional fields, including business, computers and technology, science, medicine and more, including resources in the BC3 Library and on the Internet.

Definition of Ethics

Merriam-Webster provides several definitions for the term "Ethics":

1) The discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation

2) A set of moral principles: a theory or system or moral values (ie: old-fashioned work ethic)

3) The principles of conduct governing an individual or group (ie: professional ethics)

4) A guiding philosophy

5) A set of moral issues or aspects, such as rightness (ie: debating the ethics of human cloning)

Using This Guide

Business Ethics - Find books, databases, articles, and websites about conducting business in an ethical manner.

Computer and Technology Ethics - Resources to help you understand the complex ethical dilemmas related to modern technology. 

Bioethics - Websites, databases, articles, books, and more about ethical issues related to science and the medical field.

Censorship-Websites, databases, articles, books, and more about the topic of censorship. 


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