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Professional Ethics: Video Resources

An informational guide to help you understand ethics and how they relate to various professional fields, including business, computers and technology, science, medicine and more, including resources in the BC3 Library and on the Internet.

Ethics in America from Annenberg Learner Videos

Build moral reasoning by examining ethical dilemmas in this video series containing 10 one-hour programs. This series uses the Socratic method to build analytical skills and examine ethical questions. The programs aim to sharpen moral reasoning without favoring a particular position by exploring ethical dilemmas in legal, political, medical, corporate, and military arenas.

TED Talk: Ethics: Yes, Even When Nobody is Watching

TED Talk: How Not To Do Ethics

Ethics in America II from Annenberg Learner Videos

Think of the toughest decisions you—or your family, or your business, or even the nation—have ever faced. Chances are some of those decisions, or ones very much like them, are portrayed in this remarkable series containing 6 one-hour video programs, a downloadable discussion guide, an Ethics reader, and a website. Leading scientists, journalists, physicians, jurists, ethicists, businesspeople, and politicians, among others, were brought together to grapple with ethical dilemmas that touch on life and death; security and liberty; friendship, truth-telling, and secret-keeping; democracy and justice; and much more. The result is thoughtful, dramatic, sometimes funny, and always thoroughly engaging. Ethics in America II deals with issues that are contemporary yet perennial, so that, as with its predecessor series, Ethics in America I, the scenarios may well seem “ripped from today’s headlines” even years after the programs were produced.

TED Talk: Why do ethics matter?

TED Talk: The Ethics of Collecting Data