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LGBTQ+: Ken Setterington's "Branded by the Pink Triangle"

BC3 Collegewide Book Club

Book discussion led by Assistant History Professor Deborah Kruger

Branded by the Pink Triangle by Ken Setterington 

Tuesday, October 25 @ 12:45PM

In person: HFLC 232

Here’s the link to join the discussion virtually:

About the author

About the author-Ken Setterington

Ken Setterington is the author of Mom and Mum are Getting Married and Branded by the Pink Triangle, winner of the Canadian Jewish Book Award for Holocaust Literature and a Stonewall Honor from the American Library Association. He is the former Children and Youth Advocate for the Toronto Public Library and received the Meritorious Service Medal from the Governor General of Canada in 2017 for his work bringing children and literature together. He lives with his partner in Toronto.

About the book

About the book: Branded by the Pink Triangle 

A history of the persecution of gay men by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. When the Nazis came to power in Europe, the lives of homosexuals came to be ruled by fear as raids, arrests, prison sentences and expulsions became the daily reality. When the concentration camps were built, homosexuals were imprisoned along with Jews. The pink triangle, sewn onto prison uniforms, became the symbol of their persecution. This book combines historical research with first-person accounts and individual stories to bring this time to life for readers. From the first chapter, with its story of a young Jewish girl who was rescued from the depths of despair and starvation in the camps by a fellow prisoner who wore the pink triangle, to the last, entitled It Gets Better, which outlines the strides forward in gay rights made in the decades since the war, the feeling of bravery and perseverance in the face of inhuman cruelty shines through.