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Writing & Citing

Guide to Academic Writing

Videos on the Writing Process



Purdue OWL: Invention and Prewriting


Picking Your Topic IS Research!


You Do You Get Started Writing a Paper?


How to Develop a Strong Research Question

Taking Notes for Research papers


Annotating Text



How to Read a Scholarly Article

Interactive TutorialAnatomy of a Scholarly Article

Interactive Tutorial: Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Boolean Operators: Pirates vs. Ninjas

Fake or Misleading News

Purdue OWL: Rhetoric: Essentials of Argument

In Defense of Rhetoric


Purdue OWL: Thesis Statements

Thesis Claims

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement


How to Make an Outline


Purdue OWL: Drafting and Revising


Purdue OWL: Paragraph Organization and Flow


Purdue OWL: Cutting While Revising

How to Proofread Your Final Draft


Feedback and Peer Review


Global Editing and Revising


Peer Review Commenting Strategies


How to Peer Edit Someone Else's Paper


Citing Sources and Style Guides