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The United States Supreme Court : Recommended Resources

Suggested databases for articles on the Supreme Court (landmark cases, justices, and more)

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar includes both books and articles. Be careful when selecting that the source is reputable. If an article is not made freely available online, remember that you can use the BC3 Library's Request an Article service to request it and we will do our best to obtain it and email it to you - free of charge.

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TED Talk: Our constitution as common ground

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

In this milestone decision, the Supreme Court ruled that separating children in public schools on the basis of race was unconstitutional. It signaled the end of legalized racial segregation in the schools of the United States, overruling the "separate but equal" principle set forth in the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case.

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The BC3 Library has both print and electronic books for books on the history of prohibition and the 18th Amendment. They are all listed in the BC3 Library Catalog where you will find Dewey call numbers to locate books on the shelves (lower level of the library) and links to connect you to e-books. E-books can also be searched separately in our two e-book collections: e-Book Central by Proquest and e-Book Collection by EBSCO.

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900 is the section of the library for books on history (973 is the division for books on the United States)

360 is the division for books on law. 347.035 is the call number for books on "courts of last resort" i.e. the Supreme Court. 342 is the call number for books on constitutional law. 342.032 is the call number for books on amendments. 


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