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Fine Arts: Visual Arts Web Resources

A research guide for finding Music, Theater, Performing Arts and Visual Arts resources in the BC3 Library and on the Internet, complied by the BC3 Librarians.

Art Through Time: A Global View by Annenberg Learner Videos

Art Through Time: A Global View, featuring thirteen half-hour programs, a guide, text, and other Web resources, takes a thematic approach to art history and appreciation. Rather than a linear chronology, the materials explore connections in Western and non-Western art, illuminating the breadth, complexity, and beauty of works produced around the world and at different periods of time.

In each program focusing on a particular theme, a diverse group of leading experts, together with a living artist, contextualize and connect featured works from different cultures and eras. The Web site, guide, and text provide a variety of opportunities to learn more.

Visual Art Resources

Museums and Other Art Collections

TED Talk: Street Art With a Message of Hope and Peace

Other Related TED Talks

Professional Associations and Organizations

Visual Arts in Our Community

Design and Logo Resources

Artists and Art History

Color Resources