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A research guide for finding History resources in the BC3 Library and on the Internet, complied by the BC3 Librarians.


These three books are the oldest published Butler County histories. They are kept in the Local History Collection cabinets at the bottom of the Heaton Family Learning Commons' staircase.  We have original printings which are quite fragile as well as more recent reprints which are less fragile. Each is available online from the website.  The electronic versions are searchable making them invaluable for genealogical research, town and township history, church history, political and economic history, etc.

History of Butler County Pennsylvania 1895

The preface states that this work was written "under the personal supervision of R.C. Brown" with "sketches obtained from the individuals and families to whom they relate...after consulting leading citizens in every part of the county."

History of Butler County 1883

This is the oldest published book on the history of Butler County.  There is no named author. The preface names Mr. Alfred Matthews as writing the general history and that the contributors cannot be named because "their number is hundreds"

Cover of History of Butler County 1883

20th Century History of Butler and Butler County, Pa.