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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Asian American/ Pacific Islander Heritage Month Events

About the All-Campus Read- The Eaves of Heaven: A Life in Three Wars

About the book: The Eaves of Heaven: A Life in Three Wars 

Book discussion led by Dean of Liberal Arts Stephen Joseph

Thursday, April 13 from 12:45-2:00PM

Here’s the link to join the discussion virtually:

Once wealthy landowners, Thong Van Pham’s family was shattered by the tumultuous events of the twentieth century: the festering French occupation of Indochina, the Japanese invasion during World War II, and the Vietnam War.

Told in dazzling chapters that alternate between events in the past and those closer to the present, 
The Eaves of Heaven brilliantly re-creates the trials of everyday life in Vietnam as endured by one man, from the fall of Hanoi and the collapse of French colonialism to the frenzied evacuation of Saigon. Pham offers a rare portal into a lost world as he chronicles Thong Van Pham’s heartbreaks, triumphs, and bizarre reversals of fortune, whether as a South Vietnamese soldier pinned down by enemy fire, a prisoner of the North Vietnamese under brutal interrogation, or a refugee desperately trying to escape Vietnam after the last American helicopter has abandoned Saigon. This is the story of a man caught in the maelstrom of twentieth-century politics.


Virtual visit to the Japanese American National Museum

Virtual visit to the Japanese American National Museum


Q & A Session with a survivor of a

World War II Japanese Internment Camp 

Tuesday, April 4 @ 12:45PM

(Virtual link to attend will be available closer to the event)

The Japanese American National Museum is located in Los Angeles, California, and dedicated to preserving the history and culture of Japanese Americans. The virtual object-based guide visual presentation will chronologically explore the Japanese American experience, beginning in the late 1800s with the early days of the Issei (first generation pioneers) and continuing through the World War II incarceration, post-war resettlement, and the redress movement. 

Manzanar National Historic Site today

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