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The Holocaust : Web resources

A research guide for finding resources on the Holocaust in the BC3 Library and on the Internet, complied by the BC3 Librarians.

TED Talk: How the magic of kindness helped me survive the Holocaust

General Websites on the Holocaust

Rare Color Footage Depicting Jewish Life in the Shtetl Before the Holocaust

A shtetl is a small village or town with a predominantly Jewish population that existed before World War II  in Central and Eastern Europe. Most shtetls were completely destroyed during the Holocaust, their populations erased from history.

That's why a video like this is so exceptionally rare.


Check out the following link for more information about this particular shtetl and some of the people in the footage:

Exploring Nazi-Looted Art and Gustav Klimt’s famous painting "Woman in Gold"

Top litigator Randol Schoenberg has accomplished what few thought possible. After a seven-year struggle with the Austrian government, he recovered Gustav Klimt’s famous “Golden Lady” painting and other Klimt artworks stolen by the Nazis from the Altmann family home in Austria in 1938. Schoenberg’s experiences are the subject of the movie "Woman in Gold," starring Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren which he explored in this 2020 program.


Open Educational Resources

For more OER Resources, see the Open Educational Resources LibGuide

TED Talk: behind the lies of Holocaust denial